winnersgdmThe 2013 Grand Prize winner, Barb Clark of La Crosse, WI, remembers: “The day of the drawing, when I came home from work, I just wanted to rest my eyes for a while and I lay down for a little bit. I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if somebody would give me a hundred thousand dollars to give to my sons for their college education, not knowing that my husband would get this call! So, after we won I was thinking right away that we would pay off some bills and we would make sure that those boys don’t have to worry about college debt when they graduate,” Barb said.Her husband Chris stated, “We discussed the possibilities of taking the $ 100,000.00 …, but we decided that we should just take the cash, because we have some out-standing loans that we have to pay off, like a car loan and some various bills and to help our sons through college. We’ve decided to pay off a few bills, perhaps go out one night to a nice restaurant and at least enjoy one evening, and just give back a little bit to The Arc itself.”